My family and I have been in Ghent, NY, since 2005. The 2018 bicentennial of this small Hudson Valley town coupled with my desire to be better informed about the community were the catalysts for [...]

Life Along The Hudson

by Joseph Squillante - My first visit to the Hudson River was in 1975, when a boyhood friend from the Bronx moved to paradise – buying a house on the river in Tivoli. While visiting to help work [...]

Yelling from the Lower Field​

by Madeline Cottingham - Most days I carry a fear inside me. I struggle between alarm and hope, and finding a balance between the two. But when the animals are fed and there's dirt under my [...]

On the Ice

by Jon Bowermaster - Photos by Devin Pickering - It’s impressive how cold two degrees Fahrenheit feels on your cheeks, especially with a stiff breeze in your face. I can almost hear the sound of [...]

Finding Sanctuary in the Hudson

by Eva Deitch - Nature has always been where I’ve known people go to clear their minds, reset, and reconnect with themselves and their surroundings. When I moved from Chicago to The Hudson [...]